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Out of Town

Just wanted to let you know that I’m going on vacation starting this Tuesday and will be gone until the following Thursday or Friday. I was hoping to get another update posted before leaving, but the way things are going I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. So you’ll see this blog go quiet for about a week and a half, but don’t worry…I’ll be back!

We’re heading to the mountains of North Carolina with my husband’s side of the family, so it should be a fantastic time! I’ll have some internet access and hope to be able to check your blogs for updates. I don’t know if I can go without some kind of sims entertainment for a whole week and half! Heehee. See you when I get back!


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My CC Resources

I will be putting this page together in just a bit, but until I get it all linked together and worked out, you can take a look at my Pinterest account (thanks for the awesome idea Carla!) to see what I’ve downloaded recently. All of my previous stuff will be listed here in a little bit.


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