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Round 5 Census

Here are the hood stats at the end of Round 5:

Pregnancies: 1  (Pearl O’Malley, due October 2041)
Births: 6  (Olivia Reinhart, Cedric Reinhart, Keegan Linwood, Kelly Linwood, Cheyenne Berkley, and Isaac Harris)
Deaths: 0

Engagements: 2  (Roland and Margaret Berkley, Remington and Brandi Harris)
Marriages: 3  (Xavier and Melanie Reinhart, Roland and Margaret Berkley, Remington and Brandi Harris)
Break-Ups: 1  (Miles Berkley and Jade O’Malley)

Graduations: 2  (Georgia Linwood, Jade O’Malley)
New Residents: 0

Total Population:  70 (38 males, 32 females)
Babies:  0
Toddlers:  12
Children:  6
Teens:  10
Young Adults:  10
Adults:  32
Elders:  0

And here are some fun facts about the hood during Round 5:

Most popular turn ons:  blond hair and red hair
Most popular turn off:    stinky

Most popular interests:  work and weather
Least popular interests:  toys and animals

Most popular aspiration:  Family
Least popular aspiration:  Popularity & Romance (tied)

Most popular career:  Medical

Largest family: The Linwood Family (33 members)
Smallest family:  The Harris Family (5 members)

Supernaturals:  1 alien (Julian Linwood) and 2 former plant-sims (Paris and Lily Haggerty)


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